Need some help in mod rewriting phpbb3

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Need some help in mod rewriting phpbb3

Postby tanujdude91 » Wed Sep 05, 2007 9:21 am

Hi ,
I installed the PHPBB3 SEO
1. ) - Instead of PHPBBSEO written in the tags its ACP_CAT_PHPBB_SEO
2. ) - and when i tested whether the urls are rewritten or not , it worked ex. - this works.
But I didnt find in the Installation about the template edits etc.
and my forum is still on query string
Nothing changed on forum homepage.

Sorry for my bad english.
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Postby dcz » Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:29 am

Well, you need to edit language/your_language/common.php as told in the install.
If you are using a language that is not supported yet, you can still perform the code changes advised for the English language pack in yours, they are pretty obvious to translate and to understand. The mod still works as expected if you do not add these, you'll only see ACP_CAT_PHPBB_SEO instead of "phpBB SEO" for example in ACP, nothing more.

Then, you need to activate URL rewriting to see URL rewritten in your forum.

As said in the install :

Code: Select all
Before you start, read this with caution.
=> For a smooth install :
   1) Backup all your files;
   2) Apply the mod code changes on copies of your files;
   3) Upload all files;
   4) CHMOD the phpbb_seo/cache/ folder to 0777;
   5) Empty the phpBB/cache/ folder : just delete all files EXCEPTS the .htaccess.
   6) Go to and follow the install instruction
   7) Go to phpBB ACP : It's now time to play with settings described bellow;
   8) Generate your personalized .htaccess and upload or move it following the instructions;
   9) Test a rewritten URL, such as, if you end up with a 404 (not a phpBB message), go back to step 8;
   10) Activate URL rewriting in phpBB ACP and allow yourself some auto-congratulation :D

Since postxx.html is working, your .htaccess should be ready to go.

Then, I'm not very sure about your template problem. Could you elaborate a bit ?

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