Private Message Lag + Private Message Popup gone?

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Private Message Lag + Private Message Popup gone?

Postby wkjeff » Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:55 am


I installed this Advanced Mod Rewrite 0.4 for my PHPBB3 forum. However I am experiencing lag when posting private messages. I was wondering if I could get any directions to where I would edit to solve this problem?

Once I enable the SEO rewrite, it lags the messages etc, but once I delete it it is fast (1 sec, instead of 60 seconds to submit a PM).

I only have 'Remove Highlighting', 'Virtual Folders' enabled.

Also, how to get the Private Message Popup box? ATM there is no popup.

I tried on my localhost and it points to SEO mod. Any suggestions?


I can create an account for the admins here on demand.

Cheers! and thanks in advance.

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Postby dcz » Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:09 pm

mm, never experienced such thing, and I don't see how really url rewriting could be slowing down pm posting.

About the way you test, do you actually un-install all the mod to see any difference or do you just deactivate url rewriting in acp ?

PM pop ups are to be configured in ACP for the defaults, and UCP for each user's preference.

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