Bug? Links on "Search user’s posts"

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Bug? Links on "Search user’s posts"

Postby powermonger » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:58 am

Hi, my first post here.

Just installed the advanced version localy on PostGreSQL. First of all: thanks for the great work, documentation and everything is a pure joy.

Got a small problem:

When I go to "Search user’s posts" the link "Jump to post" + the post-title (on the left) link to


...and so on...it should be


I'm pretty sure I installed correctly and the only thing I found here was the "phpBB3 SEO No Duplicate" mod but it didn't sound like is has anything to do with it. Beside that, this looks more like a bug.

Were could I possibly fix this issue?

Greetings from Munich,
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Postby dcz » Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:58 pm

Happy you appreciate our efforts here :D

The jump to last post link is actually left the same in other pages as well, it's only because it would mean more code change for links bot do not see (only registered user sees them).

We tend here to keep in mind page loading time and think that seo should not be the most consuming in server resources, so we do leave unnecessary links (SEO wise of course) unrewritten.

Post links can be redirected by the zero duplicate if you want, and you can get rid of the one bots can see with the no duplicate if you like.

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