Few questions about advanced phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite

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This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB, injecting forums and topic titles in their URLs.

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Few questions about advanced phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite

Postby kebabas » Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:55 pm

I'm having some problems.
1. URL's don't show some characters. Now it is:
http://www.spozone.eu/lietuvos-rinktin- ... -t282.html
But i shoud be:
http://www.spozone.eu/lietuvos-rinktine ... -t282.html
where is "-" should be one of these letters: ą č ę ė į š ų ū,
ą change to a
č > c
ę >e
š > s and so on..
How can i fix my topics?

2. It's not fault of seo mod. This problem was few weeks ago and it is now. When i log in, and i want to go to user control panel, I need to log in again. If when I'm logging in the, and i check "remember me" the site won't remember me. Maybe it is cookies fault?

Sorry for my bad english..
Thanks Wink
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Postby dcz » Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:39 pm

Duplicate of this thread : http://www.phpbb-seo.com/boards/advance ... t3099.html

Topic locked.
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