404 on User profile links

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404 on User profile links

Postby ptg » Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:36 pm

I've had a quick search down the forum (v3.0.12), and can't find an answer. I've just noticed that the "administer user" link on the user profile is causing a 404 due to the user name being injected in to the url i.e. (http://securityindustryforum.co.uk/paul ... 0&sr=posts). If you remove the username injection, it works fine and dandy.

I've just hovered over other links on this page and seen the same issue is apparent on:
Verify User
Search User's Posts

and also the Administration Control Panel link on bottom of the page.

The .htaccess file is simply copied and pasted from that generated by the mod. The mods I'm using on the site (in case they make a difference)
Advertisement Management
Thanks for posts
Alternate Login
Topic Author Reply Only
phpBB Smartfeed
Banned User Rank
Email to User On Group Status Change

I'm sure for someone who knows this mod inside out, they can direct me to a nice quick and easy change (or an FAQ that I've missed)

Edit: Also noticed that the search button doesn't work because of the same thing, i.e. injecting whatever page you are on in to the url.. Pointers seriously appreciated :)
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Re: 404 on User profile links

Postby HB » Mon Apr 07, 2014 5:51 pm

If you're seeing a 404, the .htaccess is missing a rewrite. Try comparing your .htaccess against the one generated by ACP > PHPBB SEO > .htaccess. Or just disable the rewrite "Common Search and User messages pages rewriting" on ACP > PHPBB SEO > phpBB SEO Class settings.
Dan Kehn
phpBB SEO Team
phpBB SEO Team
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Re: 404 on User profile links

Postby ptg » Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:10 pm

Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. I've checked the .htaccess file against the current one, and its word for word identical. I've just tried making a new .htaccess file and the same thing.. All SEO urls appear to work, but when you're in a forum or on a user page, any admin or search links appear to have the prefixed information there, almost as a virtual directory, which causes the 404. Searching is fine from the home page, as are the admin/moderator links.. but the second you're any deeper in to the site, it starts causing the issue.
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