topic-title-tyy.html (optional)

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topic-title-tyy.html (optional)

Postby dgg-tech » Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:24 pm


I´m using the latest verion of phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL and Zero Duplicate.

After upgrade/update from previous version, the URL rewrite is not working fine...

Before upgrading, the topic URL in my forum was like: /topic-title-tYYYY.html . But now, the URL is /topic-title.html and don´t work, but if I browse to "/topic-title-tYYYY.html" then it is working OK.

In ACP, I have Advanced mode and the same options before updating, same .htaccess...

I try: /phpbb_seo/sync_url.php several times, but nothing.

I saw that if I change this line in php_seo_class.php:

Code: Select all
$this->url = $this->seo_url['topic'][$this->get_vars['t']] . $this->start;

to the previous version:

Code: Select all
$this->url = $this->seo_url['topic'][$this->get_vars['t']] . $this->seo_delim['topic'] . $this->get_vars['t'] . $this->start;

then, the URL is OK: /topic-title-tYYYY.html but when visit it make a redirect 301 and add another tYYYY in the URL: /topic-title-tYYYY-tYYYY.html

What´s wrong?

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