Problem with rewriting urls..

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Problem with rewriting urls..

Postby muccio » Wed May 14, 2014 5:47 pm

Hey guys,
hope you're having a good time.

I've a small problem.
I've THREE forum, with PHPBB Seo PREMOD setted with the same configuration.

Well, in a new ONE, it doesn't work.
The host is the same of the others, so noproblem from that.

Well, i've a domain with a forum installed under /forum folder.. <- this is my index.
- if REWRITE is in OFF, all works good.
- if REWRITE is on ON, FORUM automatically adds rewrite AFTER the virtual folder.
I mean, if I am inside and I click to admin panel, it goes to instead of Another example is that RANK_IMG: it doesn't work, because it links to instead of

I repeat: i have the same configuration with same hostings, and there's no problem there. I've checked the .htaccess too (and seems legit), tried to empty all caches folder and done it again. Nothing. :cry:

Help, please. I'm going mad.
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