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Google update discussion

Postby Friendly_Lola » Fri Sep 15, 2006 4:07 pm

Hey guys I thought I would try to get some Google update discussion going as many of you have expressed concerns with sudden drops of your websites positions, allinanchor scores etc.

A few observations on this update:

• Websites seem to have been “randomly” hit with a filter that completely drops them wayyyyy down in the serps, in fact they are not able to rank for even their own domain name or business name (Which is often obscure and has little competition. – These sites are not banned as they still appear in the serps just somewhere form 100th-10,000th place.

• Allinanchor drops: Many sites are finding that their allinachor: score is gone completely. Although they know they are top 10 and show many more links then every other site, their allinanchor is just non existent. Is this a penalty or an algo fudge up?

• Inconsistency: We do the same optimization techniques for every site. We have sites still on the first page for tons of competitive terms including “online pharmacy” “logo design” “Minneapolis real estate” just to name a few – Yet some sites that were not even quite as competitive get dropped right out of the serps “sales management software” “phoenix real estate” “real estate forum” to name a few that dropped to nowhere. It is interesting as all our sites as I said have the same SEO, so there is marked inconsistency even between sites in similar industries. 9 of our real estate sites rank first page, 1 was dropped go figure.

• Difference from other engines: ALL of our websites are currently first page for their top keywords in both MSN and Yahoo. We don’t spam, just apply natural SEO techniques, so Google why are you dropping the ball so badly here?

Our clients are typically not hosted on the same web hosts (They come to us individually) and are certainly not on the same IP

We never interlink non related websites and typically don’t link clients together at all. (With the exception of real estate clients which just makes sense and it is only 1 link on the resources page)

We buy sponsored links for less then 5% of our clients and if ever, only at their request (None of our clients with sponsored links dropped this update)

There is no cloaking, redirects, doorway pages or anything else even remotely associated with the word spam. So why are sites dropping?

Please Share your experiences – observations, are you still up there, or did you drop. If you are up there still, what are your tactics, if you have dropped (Same question)

So far all I have read is people saying that this Google update is a screw up and that we should wait until Google figures out what they did wrong and fix it (Which is all good and wonderful) but we should take this time to really evaluate practices and make sure we are on the right track, even if Google is not
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Postby dcz » Fri Sep 15, 2006 6:18 pm

Interesting ;)

Actually, I observed many strange things with Google with time, which is, if you consider the size of the whole system, not really a big surprise, strange things happen, it's just a matter of time.

For example, once it started all the sudden to reuse 8 month old cached version of pages, instead of the ones listed and freshly cached a day ago. Can you imagine, I mean if they keep backups of 8 month old cache version of all spidered web sites, it's just huge.

For the Allinanchor drops, I did not observed any significant changes myself, I think it would be interesting to know if the reduction was concerning links coming from single domains or any domain, because I have this felling Google does not count as many Backlinks from a single domain as it used to. So their could be updates on this thus on PageRank and etc ...

Inconsistency make the "system error" theory more probable, but it could as well be linked to some common points in content (not duplicate, just topic) as it does not seems it's linked to IP or anything like that (is it the same AdSense/Google Analytics / sitemap /gmail etc ... account as well?).
It's just a theory at this stage, but if you put together how important has become rationalisation of results these past years and the multiplication of real estate web site (but not only), we could think of some kind of an attempt to keep the one or two word search queries for "general" and highly ranked real estate web site and to let smaller and more specific ones show up upon regional criteria (geo loc) and more specific search queries (minneapolis real estate being less specific than real estate).
I mean, this is technically possible and would make sens. Just a theory that could explain some of these moves.

But as stated first, it's as well very possible that some updates in the algorithm are simply perturbing Google. Dealing with AdWords, AdSense, Google Analytics and etc must not be this easy some time.

Talking about time, when did what your observed started ?

And anyway we'll know more after the next PageRank and Backlinks update, as it still very possible Google will all the sudden show up all of your pages well ranked again.

The fact other search engines do not behave the same way is normal. I totally agree with you about SEO : "no cloaking, redirects, doorway pages or anything else", this at least make the Spam report possibility very unlikely to be the problem.
And I am pretty sure extreme SEO is something we'd regret one day or the other so ...

About tactics to fix this, it depends.

If for example your web site was totally thrown out of cache, a gentle mail to Google could be appropriated, just in case there is a real error (or false spam report), you'll win time.

If it's just about position loss, I'd say wait a month and see what happens.
Make sure you have no technical problem such as many 404's or anything like this.

You could as well search in the paranoid direction a bit, who know if someone is not using the good old http 302 hijacking trick to "borrow" your PageRank. I mean, this is becoming more probable when dealing with competitive keywords.
Make this an occasion for an overall look up I'd say.

And tell us how it turns out.

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