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Show RSS Topic Title To ALl Members

Postby tault » Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:01 pm

So in a nutshell im trying to make it so all guests can see the sitemaps. I used the following phpbb mod which makes it so guests can see but not read topics ... &t=1206115

This is great for guests and even shows the sitemap at the bottom of the page when i set it to be authorized. Now the kicker is when you try to read them the not enough permissions still shows.

Examples of it in action.

Forum where guests can see but not read. ""
If you scroll to the bottom of the forum youll see the xml which is ""/news/forum.xml

Rss where guests can read it. ""

Now the big question is how do i remove the whole problem with guests not being able to read the sitemaps?
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