Missing forums on Sitemap Index?

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Missing forums on Sitemap Index?

Postby ptg » Mon May 19, 2014 7:31 pm

This is probably a very newbie question to ask, and I'm sure it's been asked a thousand times, but none of the searches I've done have brought up any answers.

Using PHPBB 3.0.12 and GYM Sitemaps 2.0.4

When looking at the sitemap index, it only shows half a dozen forums from my site, which I'm guessing is a permission issue - I've tried setting an extra forum to public and turning off caching, but it's still not showing any extra forums. Is there a simple way to list all forums with bot level access on the sitemap?

Advice, pointers in the right directions and any links to topics that will help would be appreciated :)
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