GYM Sitemaps & RSS module 2.0.4

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GYM Sitemaps & RSS module 2.0.4

Postby SeO » Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:03 am

Google Yahoo MSN Sitemaps & RSS
  • Title : Google Yahoo MSN Sitemaps & RSS
  • Author : phpBB SEO Team -
  • Description : This module will create United Sitemaps (Aka Google sitemaps), RSS 2.0 feeds, site maps and news pages for for phpBB3.
    It fully supports Gun-zip cache for all types of outputs and some XSL-Transform styling for Sitemaps and RSS feeds.
  • Version : v2.0.4
  • Installation Level : Easy.
  • Installation Time : 10 min.
  • phpBB : phpBB 3.0.10

Author's Notes :
Modular Google Sitemaps (United Sitemaps, RSS 2.0 Feeds, site maps and news pages for phpBB.

This module will generate several types of outputs :

  • United Sitemaps (Google Sitemaps) :
    This mod will create a SitemapIndex, listing all the created Sitemaps.
    They will be usable by the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines.
    Sitemaps are 100% valid, sitemaps 0.9 protocol.
    They can be styled using XSL-Transform style-sheets (configurable ACP).

    • Please make sure the Sitemaps are working before you submit the sitemap.php file (or sitemaps.xml with mod Rewrite) to Google Sitemaps and Yahoo.
    • MSN submission is not handled the same way yet, but you can still notify the MSN Search engine using the submit procedure.

    Sitemaps Created :
    • One SitemapIndex listing all sitemaps
    • One or more Sitemap per module.
      The sitemap forum module :
      Generates sitemaps for phpBB
      • Adds the required entires in the sitemapindex
      • One general forum sitemap, listing forums url
      • One sitemap per forum listing topics.
      • One sitemap listing global announces.
      The TXT module :
      Generates sitemaps from text url lists (one url per line)
      • Adds the required entires in the sitemapindex
      • One sitemap per source file (text).
      The XML module :
      Generates sitemaps from valid sitemaps
      • Adds the required entries in the sitemapindex
      • One sitemap per source file (xml).
      The module can ping compatible search engine every time a sitemap gets updated.

  • RSS 2.0 Feeds:
    RSS feeds are 100% valid RSS 2.0.
    They can be styled using XSL-Transform style-sheets (configurable ACP).

    You can as well register you main Feeds at Yahoo, like rss.php (or rss.xml).
    Forums RSS Feeds can notify yahoo automatically using the Yahoo! Notifications API.
    You'd have to apply for a Yahoo AppiD.
    Please note that Yahoo will not allow the use of "&" in submited RSS feeds URLs. This mean you won't be able to submit feeds with "&" in their URL.
    This only concern few feeds, and only if you do not use URL rewriting.

    phpBB authorisations:
    • The module is able to build personalized rss feeds according to the user's authorisations.
    • If set to yes, users will be able to browse private forum feeds if they have enough permission to do so.

    RSS Feeds Created :
    • One Feed listing the last items from all available RSS modules
    • One special Feed listing all available RSS feeds from all RSS modules
      The RSS forum module :
      Generates RSS feeds for phpBB
      • One Feed listing the last messages from all the forum
      • One news Feed listing the first messages from all the forum
      • One Feed per forum
      • One special Feed, listing all available feeds for the RSS forum module.

    Each feed is available in three configurable versions :
    • A News one,
    • A long one,
    • A default one,
    • A short one.
    • All of these options can be combined with a extra one, to additionally add the messages content in the feeds.

    Advanced content filtering :
    It is possible to filter messages content in feeds :
    • Links :
      You may choose here to either activate or not links used in posts.
      If deactivated, links will be outputted as part of the content but won't be clickable.
    • BBcodes :
      You can deactivate BBcode parsing or filter them (tags and/or content).
      :arrow: The format is simple :
      • You'll just have to enter a comma separated list of bbcode tags to exclude (tags removing) or delete (full bbcode bloc removed and replaced by {bbcode} in output) with the additional ":" option.
    • Example :
      • img:1,b:0,quote,code:1
        In this example, img bbcode and the img link will be replaced with {img}, bold won't be processed, but the bold-ed text will be kept, quote won't be parsed, but their content will be kept, code bbcode and their content will be replaced with {code} in the output.
    • Smileys :
      You may choose here to either parse the smileys or not in content.
    • Emails :
      You may choose here to either parse the Emails or not in content.
    • Profiles :
      You may choose here to either parse the Profiles as links or not in content.
    • Digest :
      You can select between three different method to limit the outputted messages content in feeds : By sentences, by words and by characters.
      None will break word, select the one you feel more comfortable with.

  • Site maps and News:
    GYM sitemaps & RSS will as well add two type of html pages :
    • Site maps :
      They list all installed module content, for the forum this means a site map listing all forums and one map per forum (if you activate it).
    • News pages :
      News are listing item content from all installed module, for the forum this mean one page listing the first post of each topic comming from one or several forum (configured in acp) plus one news page for each forum (if you activate it).

    Everything is ACP configurable, allowing fine tuning of the entire system and to exactly decide what to output on each type of pages : Last Active Topics, Viewonline, Log in, tracking (read / unread), status (locked, announcement etc) etc and all this depending on the user state (loggued in, admin, guest global mod).

    The news pages do have the same filtering and clipping abilities (bbcodes, links, profiles ...) as the RSS feeds (for more details see above).

    phpBB authorisations:
    • You can activate / deactivate phpBB authorisations, to display or not private forums to users with enough right to.

    Site maps and news pages created :
    • One global map, listing all available maps and news pages from all installed HTML modules.
    • One global news page, listing by default the content of the global RSS feed containing items with their content coming from all the RSS modules installed. The RSS feed used as a source is configurable in ACP.
      The HTML forum module :
      • One map of all forums, listing all the forum news and map links
      • One global news page, listing the first post of all topics coming from one or several forums (configured in acp). Please note that this news page will allow you to set a private forum as source and still display the news to guest (unless no forum is picked as source, in such case, all authorised forums would be used as source). This allow you to hide the source of the news and still display it.
      • One map per forum, if the forum isn't excluded.
      • One news page per forum, if the forum isn't excluded.

Common features for all the module :

  • Cache :
    A complete cache system configurable from ACP.
    All the maps (sitemaps, rss and urllist.txt) are entirely saved in a folder.
    When a cached file is up to date and available, the module will just send it as is to the browser without further processing, making the output very, very fast, comparable to a direct physical file access.
    Each type of cache, corresponding to each type of listings, can be configured separately. You can decide for each one how the cache will be updated : auto (each time the cache expires) or manual (files delete from ACP).

    Site maps and news do as well have a caching system, but it is separated from the Google sitemap and RSS feed one.
    Site maps and news cache will use two cache files, one for the main column containing the maps and news, and one for the optional column, optionally containing for example the last x active topics in the HTML Forum module.
    Time won is not comparable to sitemaps with over 10 000 urls, but can still help out for weak servers, because all the html code is cached, each column is sent as is from the cache without further manipulations.
    Maps and news caching is though only available for guest and bots.

    Benchmark : (11834 URLs)
    • Without Gunz-zip compression :
      First page load : Cache is being build
      <!-- URL list generated in 5.41892 s - 25 sql - 11834 URLs listed -->
      <!-- Output started from cache after 5.42756 s - sql -->
      <!-- Output from cache ended up after 6.93087 s - sql -->

      This means that the module is building a 11834 URLs list in 5.41892s, and that the cache file is saved in 0.00864s (2 119 631 octets)(the file being sent to the browser right after saving).
      The output ended 6.93087s after it was requested.

      Second load :
      <!-- URL list generated in 5.41892 s - 25 sql - 11834 URLs listed -->
      <!-- Output started from cache after 0.00256 s - sql -->
      <!-- Output from cache ended up after 1.57475 s - sql -->

      The first line being itself cached, to recall how hard it was to build up such a long list before sending it.
      This is to be compared to the 0.00256 s here needed to start the output :D
      Then, file transfer is relatively long, but the file is 2mo and if we take into account the large number of URLs it's pretty fast.
    • With Gunz-zip :
      Unfortunately, there are no stats available for this output, the function used to read and send a gunzipped file makes it impossible it seems.
      But once activated, our 2mo becomes 48 ko !!
      And as the file is sent to the browser as is, it's only a matter to sen a 48ko file to list 11834 URLs :D
      So no need to search too long to figure out it is even a lot more faster, with a lot fewer server resources spent.
      A work comparable to sending a 48ko image to list only 11834 URLs.

      You can compete for the biggest sitemap on this thread : Biggest sitemap challenge : Beat the Record ! [35 0001 urls]

  • SQL Cycles and perf settings :
    All major queries are separated into several cycles, configurable in acp, for all types of listings.
    Default limit settings should be good for most cases.
    The principle is simple, to list 10 000 URLs we cannot query for 10 000 items at a time, the module will perform several.
    The idea is to limit the number of items per query as well as the number of query themselves.
    You should no go over 30 queries per sitemaps, and if your server is not able to build up a 10 000 URLs list in a reasonable time, no need to go for so much.
    We here would deal with the last 10 000 topic to have received an answer in a given forum, not all forums, so we can conclude topics older than that would be quite old.
    In general, there is no need to go above 5000 URLs per sitemaps.

    Pleas not as well that it would be totally useless to list thousands of URLs in RSS feeds, even if the module can do it.
    RSS feeds are not meant to be used as sitemaps.

    Additionnaly you can enjoy the phpBB SQL EXPLAIN feature in the same condition as everywhere in phpBB : advanced debug activated in config.php and loggued as admin with the explain=1 paramter in the mod's URLs (?explain=1 or &explain=1).

  • URL Rewriting :
    You can switch mod rewrite type in ACP for all listings, phpBB SEO mod rewrite 0.2.x are auto detected.
    Settings for other mod rewrite standards (Webmedic's rewrite mod, able2know rewrite mod, GoogleBB Links) can now be done easily, simply editing a file.

  • XSLt styling :
    XML output (sitemaps and RSS) can be styled using XSL-Transform style-sheets (configurable ACP).
    You can as well, if the required style file are available, use your phpBB CSS style-sheet to style the HTML output build with the XSLt. The sitemaps and RSS feed style would then use your configured colors and other CSS properties set for your forum.

  • Modularity :
    The modular architecture initiated in previous version is now complete. All modules can now have theire own ACP without any code change.

  • Overriding :
    Some redundant settings throughout all the module levels (URL rewriting, caching, limits etc ...) can be overridden from the main level (GYM) to the output types (Sitemap, RSS ...) and even up to the module level (RSS forum, Sitemap Forum ...).
    You can for example activate once and for all caching for all modules but set url rewriting at the output type level and or the module level (eg url rewriting on for RSS but not for sitemaps, or only for the forum sitemaps but not for the XML one and so on).

Small limitation :
  • If Gun-zip is activated in phpBB, it will be so in the module, it is though possible to use gun-zip compression on the module if it's turned off in phpBB.

Extra :

Languages :

Demo :

Premod :

Download :
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Re: GYM Sitemaps & RSS module 2.0.4

Postby dcz » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:21 am

To obtain support for this mod, please use the GYM sitemaps & RSS forum.

You can post new threads and reply to existing ones.

Click on the Watch this thread link to be notified of updates for this mod.

Update :
  • Overwrite all GYM files if you manually update from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 and run gym_sitemaps/gym_install.php in update mode. It will provide with the required code changes for phpBB files (eg none for this update).
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