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phpBB3 SEO Advanced mod Rewrite support forum.
This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB, injecting forums and topic titles in their URLs.

error 404 on subdirectory /forum

Hello I installed phpbb seo url on 3.0.12
I enable url rewrite and I generate htaccess but...
my forum is in a subdirectory /forum, on root principal I have installed prestashop forum with relative htaccess.
So when I enable url rewrite and htaccess ( i try rewrite base / and rewrite base /forum/)
but I see index well and I see new urls when I move mouse on topic forum, but when I click on topic forum I have 404 error.
Plase how can i solve that?
I know that issue is of htaccess but I don't know how to ...
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phpBB Index use %100 CPU phpBB Index use %100 CPU

Hi everyone,

My site is use %100 CPU what can i do?

I use phpBB 3.0.12

I use this mods;
and phpBB seo mod....

I disabled all this mod but nothing chance.

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A lot of file not found errors in a minute A lot of file not found errors in a minute

Hi everyone,

I use phpBB 3.0.12 and phpBB SEO Advanced - 0.7.0. A lot of file not found errors in a minute like these;

2014-01-08 17:51:29.264 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:28.243 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:22.637 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:16.693 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:15.663 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:13.832 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:09.831 File not found
2014-01-08 17:51:04.114 File not found [/home/****/public_html/video-klipler/manga-in-sehr-i-

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url rewriting not working for forum and post


in my web site seo friendly urls not working urls are generated and can be access directly from the address bar of the browser but not

appears on the forum and post title.

Please help its urgent.

Thanks in Advance.
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sql rewrite for latest post?

Having great success with the MOD in Advanced mode, but I was curious if it would be possible to utilize the sql rewriting not only on the viewforum.php page, but also on the index.php page? When I go into a forum, the topic titles are beautiful, but rather cryptic on the index. While the links still point to the correct topic, they're simply not descriptive enough. Any way to fix this?
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