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phpBB3 SEO Advanced mod Rewrite support forum.
This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB, injecting forums and topic titles in their URLs.

Automatic changing url after change topic name

it's possible Automatic change url after changed topic name by user?
Currently only admins and moderators can change url topic.
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Problem with Gallery and DM Video Mod


i've some troubles with seo Mod and phpbb Gallery and DM Video Mod... i have the forum in a subfolder and i open the main page of gallery or video (forum/gallery/index.php) or (forum/dm_video/index.php) any link is generated without the subfolder "forum/"

If i de-activate the url revwrite mod everything is ok

Any help?
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Problem with rewriting urls.. Problem with rewriting urls..

Hey guys,
hope you're having a good time.

I've a small problem.
I've THREE forum, with PHPBB Seo PREMOD setted with the same configuration.

Well, in a new ONE, it doesn't work.
The host is the same of the others, so noproblem from that.

Well, i've a domain with a forum installed under /forum folder.. <- this is my index.
- if REWRITE is in OFF, all works good.
- if REWRITE is on ON, FORUM automatically adds rewrite AFTER the virtual folder.
I mean, if I am inside and I click to admin panel, it goes to ...
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404 when clicking on ACP footer link

Good afternoon,

Everything works perfectly. However, if I try to access the ACP via the footer link WHEN I'm in a subforum, it adds the subforum to the generated url:

I have checked the .htaccess and it looks okay

P.D.: I just realised that another MOD which is using pictures from /images/ is also calling those images with the URL of the post before /images/ (thus causing the image not to appear)

Any hints?

Best Regards,
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topic-title-tyy.html (optional)


I´m using the latest verion of phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL and Zero Duplicate.

After upgrade/update from previous version, the URL rewrite is not working fine...

Before upgrading, the topic URL in my forum was like: /topic-title-tYYYY.html . But now, the URL is /topic-title.html and don´t work, but if I browse to "/topic-title-tYYYY.html" then it is working OK.

In ACP, I have Advanced mode and the same options before updating, same .htaccess...

I try: /phpbb_seo/sync_url.php several times, but nothing.

I saw that if I change this line in php_seo_class.php:

Code: Select all
$this->url = $this->seo_url['topic'][$this->get_vars['t']] . $this->start;

to the previous version:

$this->url ...
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