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phpBB3 SEO Mixed mod Rewrite support forum. This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB3, injecting forums in their URLs and keeping a static rewriting for topics.

need help asap

I installed the mod made the change to phpbb_seo_class.php. now when I go to my homepage for the forum I get this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpbb_realpath() in /home/dcoates/public_html/Forum/phpbb_seo/phpbb_seo_class.php on line 96

What can I do.
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not working!

I'm using the premod but when I choose the mixed one, the urls are still like this for topics:
I want the post title to show up.
thank you
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first instruction -- common.php

First off, thanks for the greatmod. It's one of a king for phpbb3.

When looking through the instructions for 0.2.4 mixed,

it says
Code: Select all
#-----[ OPEN ]------------------------------------------


#-----[ FIND ]------------------------------------------

if (file_exists('install') || file_exists('contrib'))
   message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, 'Please_remove_install_contrib');

#-----[ BEFORE, ADD ]------------------------------------------

include($phpbb_root_path . 'phpbb_seo/phpbb_seo_class.'.$phpEx);
$phpbb_seo = new phpbb_seo();

yet the lines to find do not exist in common.php, or anywhere in phpbb3 for that matter. (searched the entire folder). I'm running 3.0.1, is this incompatible?
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Not finding next page

I have mixed seo mod on my forum and it works great except for one thing.

I have a maximum of 10 posts per page, and when I click on "Next" or page "2" to go to the next page I get a message saying it doesn't exist. When I first installed the mod I tested for this and it was working. It's also working on my local test copy.

So, I replaced all the files on my live copy with my test copy but am getting the same thing. Can anyone advise me where to look for the source ...
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Can't Access Adm Panel


I used your search but no similar problems so..

I have added all the files and made all the code changes.

I then deleted all cache except .htaccess

I go to phpbb_seo/phpbb_seo_install.php

All steps are ok, but it directs me to log into adm panel I get

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_formatted_filesize() in /home/bebobox/public_html/forum/includes/acp/acp_main.php on line 337

In acp_main.php is

// Get forum statistics
$total_posts = $config['num_posts'];
$total_topics = $config['num_topics'];
$total_users = $config['num_users'];
$total_files = $config['num_files'];

$start_date = $user->format_date($config['board_startdate']);

$boarddays = (time() - $config['board_startdate']) / 86400;

$posts_per_day = sprintf('%.2f', $total_posts / $boarddays);
$topics_per_day = sprintf('%.2f', $total_topics / ...
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