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recommendations for phpbb3 topics

I would like to get your opinion about a code modification I did for phpbb3 with phpbb-seo toolkit installed.

I just got to give recommendations to user visiting a particular topic, providing in a box under the last post, links to topics about the same subject.

I did that just doing a search on my forum using the subject of the current topic. In my forum it works well for two reason:

1. It's a forum about toys and each topic must have "Brand : Name" as title
2. It's a really young forum where only me and few ...
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Error occured when installing this SEO Mod using EasyMod

Code: Select all
FIND FAILED: In file [index.php] could not find:

if (isset($display_categories[$cat_id]) && $display_categories[$cat_id])

MOD script line #406

I installed the easymod in: /httpdocs/forum/admin/mods/easymod
after uploading the seo mod to /httpdocs/forum/admin/mods, but when I installed, the error occured.

I know little about php, so please help me.
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Godaddy url rewrite error


my hosting is with godaddy and i have a lot of domains there which are each stored on a folder.
for my other domains i have to put the whole path in the .htacces file in order to work. this is an example:

Code: Select all
RewriteRule ^users/(.*)$1 [L,R]

i have installed the Advanced phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite successfully and i tried this :
Code: Select all
RewriteRule ^web20forum/[a-z0-9_-]*-f([0-9]+)(-([0-9]+))?\.html$$1&start=$3 [QSA,L,NC]

for every instance in phpbb_seo/cache/.htaccess.current and .htaccess but unfortunately is not working.
the 404 error is not seeing the full path.

any help? thanks

i can paste the url of the forum ...
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Help with install?

Ok this sounds stupid,but how to install this thing (seo premod,newest which is available on this site)? I have already installed phpbb3 forum and dont wanna run fresh insall cause when i do that it says that tables with the specified name already exists(because i have already phpbb3).

So how to install the mod only,just like an adition to phpbb3 not both in the same time.
I have tried reading several relevant topics but didnt managed to find an answer for this

Sorry for lame question :roll:
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How to Install Optimal Titles V 1.0

Hey guys, I am pretty good with code (not a programmer though) but I just downloaded this "Optimal Titles V1.0" from the site and I unzipped it... and I am staring at 1 text file (english version) and a folder leading to the french translation.

Ok, so I open the english version in my text editor.. and I stop.

What now?

How do I install this MOD into my PHPBB 3.0 board?

I am a newbie that needs some help. Any advice is appreciated!
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