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Google Dance getting evil

Hello all phpBB SEO readers

I work for Google UK in there British office and have just discovered something very bad which I must tell you even if it gets me fired

If your site is written in English but not hosted in the USA then this will hurt you

Google engineers in the USA have now put in there latest index programming change to target spam. Because most spam sites are written in English but hosted outside the USA in places like Hong Kong India Canada and New Zealand Google are weighting all web sites written in English but ...
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add certion name to image by bb code

welcome dcz
i want to add title and description to the pictures
i need image code be like that in BB code when i write any topic
image name
that = <img src="image(link)" alt="image name" />
to can add custom title to any picture i add it in any topic

anothr issue please dcz i need to add description for forums link when mouse stop on link like here in

if u stopped with link from index page you will see decription like

The phpBB SEO Website you will see this phpBB ...
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Did I do anything wrong for this landing page?

Hello everyone,

I'm a designer and just started doing SEO for a design firm. I help design and conduct SEO for this website: It has been over 3 weeks since we launched the landing page and it have indexed in MSN and Yahoo. But have not in Google. Could anyone tell me why is this?

Your feed back would be greatly appreciated. :)



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pagination links are not properly working


most of pagination links are not working in my forum
I have upgraded to latest version of Advanced SEO mod running on phpBB RC7

this is an example :
click on any pagination link like :
you will get 404 error and redirect to home page

need quick help please , thanks in advance
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Robot.txt for migrating

I am migrating my forum from regular phpbb3 rc7 to a modded phpbb3 with advanced SEO URL... If I install zero duplicates after I install advanced seo url mod do I need to have special redirects to keep existing indexed pages?

I have not messed with the url format before. This is for the most part regular phpbb3.

By chance... if I haven't changed all that much of my phpbb3 can I install the premodded phpbb3 and just overwrite the database with my existing one? Then apply the changes that I made after?
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