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Does Advanced SEO mod 0.4.0 support phpbb3 Gold?

Dear all,

I'm enthousiastic about soon implementing this solution to my forum but wonder whether it does support phpbb3 Gold version? (i.e. none of the "Release Candidates" but the final version)

If not, could you please mention which adjustments to apply?

Any help is welcome.

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robots.txt settings

hi, when i set my robots.txt as in the mod's robots.txt google visit my site but no indexes pages. when i delete these rows
Code: Select all
Disallow: /phpbb/viewtopic.php
Disallow: /phpbb/viewforum.php
Disallow: /phpbb/index.php?
Disallow: /phpbb/posting.php
Disallow: /phpbb/search.php?
Disallow: /phpbb/ucp.php
Disallow: /phpbb/mcp.php
Disallow: /phpbb/post
Disallow: /phpbb/member
Disallow: /phpbb/memberlist.php
Disallow: /phpbb/faq.php
google index my pages as post345.html, not abc-edf-f34.html. how can i solve this problem?
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subfolder installation

I have installed premod in a subfolder named foro, where I can put the .htaccess?

When I put the .htaccess in the "foro" folder the result is obvious, a 404 error with all new url's due the "foro" prefix in the rules.
When I put the .htaccess in the root folder the result is a blank page with all new url's.

# Lines That should already be in your .htacess
<Files "config.php">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from All
<Files "common.php">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from All

# You may need to un-comment the following line
# Options +FollowSymlinks
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Great work. Some questions

Hi DCZ. Let me give you CONGRATULATIONS for such big script. I have upgraded from phpbb2 to phpbb3 SEO premod. And this thing ROCKS.

I have some doubts, because the script is much more complete now and a have a lot of new features.

1) how can i assure that all the visitors incoming from my previously google indexed urls are being redirected to the right post now?

2) where are the rewrite rules being written? can i put them anywhere? why is best in home folder or in phpbb/ folder? advantages? disadvantages?

3) I add like 1000 words to ...
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forum sid removing does not work

Hello there,
I'm an owner of a domain name with non-english alphabet character, and after i changed the forum config to point to that domain, the phpbbseo (premod) decided to not remove sid anymore... anyone found this too?

EDIT: bah my bad.... just found out i gave "http://xxxxxxxxxx" instead "xxxxxxx" as cookie domain.
and yes you can kill me now for posting before checking everything ;)
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