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Problem with links in user profile


When visiting /forums/member/_USER_NAME/posts/

The path to topics is wrong. For some reason it removes the "/forums" part. It also does the same thing when i visit the profile of a user. The Ädminister User link is missing "/forums". Basically it does that only on /forums/member/username/

Any ideas why this may be happening? Everything else works fine.

p.s: i work locally so i cannot post a link

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No route found for GET

I have installed the PHPBB SEO ext for Phpbb 3.1 and have hit a brick wall :(

I have changed all of the board ID's to something simple to remember when typing in a url but when I click on a topic or board I get the following error message

No route found for "GET
I have done the basics i.e changing the simple to mixed and advanced and also sync'd the board urls and reset them and changed just about every setting.

What is the matter with it?
community page: ...
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Strange problem Strange problem

Hi Guys,

Great script!

It was quite easy to install, but still having some problems.

As you can see on the website;

The mod works perfect.
All the forum topics are now standing in html text.

but I have still a slide problem.

The website is standing in the map reisforum and everything is working fine, expect the login and register page.
Somehow they keep going to the page;


But this should be;

It's putting an extra reisforum map in the url.

Anyone knows why this is happening.
It has killing ...
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CDN for phpbb gallery


thanks for your great work. When I see your code I am always impressed. So much work!

To my problem:

I have to use a cdn for my phpbb gallery. My Server is good but I have to many images and to much impressions.
Therefor I have to change the Image URL. At the moment my image URLs looks like:



Normal Image:


I have to make it like this:



The $thumb_url and $image_url are generated in



Code: Select all
$thumb_url = phpbb_gallery_url::append_sid('image', "mode=thumbnail&album_id=$album_id&image_id=$image_id{$additional_parameters}");

I am not a good programmer. I hope that you can help ...
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Problem with htaccess and subdirectory

Hi, I have a wordpress in my website root and a phpbb (3.1.3) in a subfolder.

I did a url rewrite: (advanced mode)

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
# You may need to un-comment the following lines
# Options +FollowSymlinks
# To make sure that rewritten dir or file (/|.html) will not load dir.php in case it exist
# Options -MultiViews
RewriteEngine On

# Uncomment the statement below if you want to make use of
# HTTP authentication and it does not already work.
# This could be required if you are ...
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