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Copyrights branding remove Copyrights branding remove

how i can remove Copyrights branding from my site footer. check my site you can understand.
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Forum url are not change. Forum url are not change.

i already Ultimate SEO URL install my forum successfully but it know work. my url are not change. what is the problem. i already imput code in .htaccess. any one can help me? my site
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Last Post on index url problem

I have a mod, that shows last post on index

But, when trying to clic on last post
It gaves me an url like this:


And shows the error:
Not Found

When the phpbb seo mod, give this one:

How can I solve this, so, the fist url, can be redirected to the second one

Thank you
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Changing Forum URL

Dear all,
I have successfully installed the Ultimate SEO URL. Furthermore, I have set all the options to "yes" and also in "Advance" type.

Let me start the question by an example. I have two hierarchical forums, namely:
-->Site root
-------------> sub_forum
---------------------------> sub_sub_forum
The URL of a topic in " sub_forum " is shown as:
and the URL of a topic in " sub_sub_forum " is shown as:

The question is that, how can I change the URL of the topic_2 (in " sub_sub_forum ") to be shown as:
As a brief, I want my ...
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htacess for enginx

I have sucessfully running the apache htacess but when i switch to enginx it throughs error. Can any one tell me how to change the apache htacess to enginx htacess.

Here is my htacess:

# Lines That should already be in your .htacess
<Files "config.php">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from All
<Files "common.php">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from All

# You may need to un-comment the following lines
# Options +FollowSymlinks
# To make sure that rewritten dir or file (/|.html) will not load dir.php in case it exist
# Options -MultiViews
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