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Change Zero Dublicate link


I have just installed the SEO premod 3.0.1 by overwriting existing files.
I works just fine.

I have one question, I think it is about the Zero Dublicate.
In forumlist_body.html I have this code:
Code: Select all
<!-- IF forumrow.LAST_POST_LINK --><i>{forumrow.LAST_POST_LINK}</i><br/><!-- ENDIF -->

Is it possible to have it to lead to the last post instead?
Like this:
Code: Select all

I know this will break the Zero Dublicate mod, but if it is made for registered user only?
Code: Select all
<!-- IF S_REGISTERED_USER -->content google and guests doesn't need to see<!-- ENDIF -->
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Issue with Optimal Titles mod v 1.0.2

I followed all the directions, including emptying the cache, and absolutely nothing happened...any suggestions?
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Removing phpbb-seo at the bottom of forum

Hello there.

I'd like to firstly thank you for this awesome mod! It has helped me tremendiously!

Upon taking a look at the phpbb_seo_class.php file, I saw that there were other ways upon which the image can be displayed.

I am planning on installing a CMS like subdreamer for our portal, and so I would like to know how to remove the code for the image on the bottom of the page, and I will place manually an icon on our planned subdreamer portal on the sidebar under 'Links'.

Thanks in advance!
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Testing 301 redirect returns me a SID?

Hello there, I'm sorry if I post something already answered, but I couldn't find an exact answer to my doubt, I did search a lot for it.

I'm currently hosting forum, I've installed No Dup, Zero Dup, Advanced Rewrite, Dynamic Meta Tags and Optimal Titles mods.

I'm testing my website using, a redirect checker. I'm getting 301 redirect to - when I try to access -

Someone said it's a problem with cookies not being supported by the client, but I think GoogleBot and other bots ...
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sids after url`s ?

Hi all after installing the titles mod and meta descriptions mod I am seeing long sid url`s per topic?
why is this and what do i have to do to remove them?
cheers all
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