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[No Dup] robots.txt


first I have to say, that you do a really great job!

I've just installed the No Duplicate Mod.

Now I want to create a robots.txt file for my site and I don't want to make any mistakes, so what does this exacly mean?:

The last post links on index and forum will still be transformed, and it will be of no harm SEO wise,
## as long as you properly disallow post urls in your robots.txt.

What do I have to write in my robots.txt file?
Could you post an example for this?

Thanks in advance! ...
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Describe Metatags


i installed your Metatags MOD, but I don't know where I can describe them.
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[Optimal titles] What will happened if ...

I want to install Optimal titles V 1.0.2

but I have little question...

I have 7040 IP in Google ( I'm using vanila phpbb3)

What will happened if I install this mod ?
I will lose some GIP ? ( Google Indexed Pages)

In description of this mod we see:
This mod will optimize phpBB pages titles.
By Default, page titles contain many useless information, such as "View Forum" or "View topic".
This mod will better target words to use in titles, using topics, forums and categories titles.

In addition, this mod will add the page's number in page ...
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no dupe in mods like portal

I have a portal where some post URLs are like
Code: Select all

This URLs are made with this code:
Code: Select all
append_sid("{$phpbb_root_path}viewtopic.$phpEx", 'f=' . $fetch_news[$i]['forum_id'] . '&p=' . $fetch_news[$i]['topic_last_post_id'] . '#p' . $fetch_news[$i]['topic_last_post_id'])

What I have to do to make these URLs like
Code: Select all

Thank you!
(I think the solution should be sticky)
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Change Zero Dublicate link


I have just installed the SEO premod 3.0.1 by overwriting existing files.
I works just fine.

I have one question, I think it is about the Zero Dublicate.
In forumlist_body.html I have this code:
Code: Select all
<!-- IF forumrow.LAST_POST_LINK --><i>{forumrow.LAST_POST_LINK}</i><br/><!-- ENDIF -->

Is it possible to have it to lead to the last post instead?
Like this:
Code: Select all

I know this will break the Zero Dublicate mod, but if it is made for registered user only?
Code: Select all
<!-- IF S_REGISTERED_USER -->content google and guests doesn't need to see<!-- ENDIF -->
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