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phpBB SEO Premod for phpBB3 support forum.
This premodded version of phpBB3 includes the three different type of URL rewriting for phpBB3 by phpBB SEO. It comes with several other Search Engine Optimization mods installed.

Help to uninstall and redirect to old urls?

Hi, i was forced to upgrade from 3.0.13 to 3.1.8 So im running latest phpbb version. Forum working fine.

Now the problem. I have 100.000+ indexed pages in google with the advanced url mod. I need to redirect them to the standard url in 3.1 version.

Ive tried the indications in this post Uninstall, can it be done?

No Luck at all. I always get this message: No route found for "GET /l-carnitina-ciclo-t37040.html or something similar.

forum installed in www/foro/ folder not in the domain root

Here my content for: foro/redirect.php
* redirect.php
// Some ...
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Trying to setup SEO friendly URLs but can't get them to work Trying to setup SEO friendly URLs but can't get them to work

So I just setup phpBB3 version 3.1.7-pl1

Trying to setup SEO friendly URLs but can't get them to work... the links change names but when you click on a forum, the changed URL doesn't work.

It tells me to modify my .htaccess and nginx config - but I'm using plesk and don't know where the nginx for this one domain is... I change the .htaccess and I just get 500 errors, etc.

I'm using this:
phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL V 0.7.0

Which seems to be the only re-write extension that works on the latest version of phpBB.

Anyone got ...
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Security error

I got a fatal error, when it it connects from a profile, is a security error that appears. French users of phpBB SEO expects answers.
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is phpBB 3.0.14 supported?


I am new to phpBB (I have no programming knowledge too). I have just installed phpBB 3.0.14 because the theme I am using has not been updated for 3.1 yet.

I tried to use phpBB SEP Premod to have seo friendly urls. I have successfully installed the mod but nothing changed.


If I run to update the DB, it throws a 404 error.


Kindly help
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Phpbbseo problems

Hi everybody,
I have on my forum an old version of Phpbbseo that my old webmaster installed on my forum.
Before was working but from when I have update the Phpbb to the version 3.0.12 the url rewriting doesn't work, if I enable it in the plugin, the site come visualized in a bad way, setting to "no", everything work again.
I don't know what version I have and I'm also afraid to put the hands in something that I really don't know because I'm newbie. :(
Please is there someone that ...
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