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phpBB2 SEO Advanced mod Rewrite support forum.
This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB, injecting categories, forums and topic titles in their URLs.

Problems With SEO Mod

After installing SEO Mod and using advanced mode my forum became invisible to Google bots and is no longer tracked, and I can't update PHPBB from 3.0.11 to 3.0.12 or install any mod or I get a 404 error.

My forum url is

I am thinking this is a Class settings issue since I have the same google analytics code, in the same file, as I have for the last 4 years without an issue. So it has to be a setting or two that needs to be adjusted or chosen. I am just stumped with this issue.

I ...
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404 Error when clicking “Modify User” 404 Error when clicking “Modify User”

Good evening,

I recently installed the MOD and everything works perfectly. But I found the following error:

When visiting a user's profile, as an admin, close to the name, there's: “Modify User” (Probably Edit User, or Edit Profile, it's in spanish >.<)
It's the button to edit the User's Profile in the ACP

The url shows: “./adm/index.php?i=users&mode=overview&u=2&sid=etc....”

But, of course, it takes “.” as: So the result is: “” when it should be “”

I would like to fix it without having to follow all the installing process again. Any tips?

Best Regards, ...
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Duplicate content issue

I have some problems with phpBB SEO and how URLs and links are generated...

Both forum.bankerslå and forum.bankerslå are active how do I make sure only the rewritten URL is active and 301 redirect the other one to the rewritten version?

Another strange thing is that the link on forum.bankerslå (Banklån & Större Lån) points to forum.bankerslå but on forum.bankerslå the link (Smslån & Mikrolån) points to forum.bankerslå

How can these two links from the same type of page be different?

Thanks in advance!
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how to rewrite topic-title.html to /topic'sfolder

hello all. i has been add sucssess phpBB-SEO-Advanced-mod-Rewrite_V_0.2.4 . but i have a problem. it is when view topic ,url is topic-tile.html
.now i want replace topic-tile.html to /topic'sfolder/topic-title.html .please help me.Thanks :P :P
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HOW TO-Replace postxxx.html with str-topic-title-txxx.html

Hi everybody, i've installed ADV Seo Mod 0.2.4 successfully, all topics url displayed in viewforum.php are in topic_title_p-xxx.html ,but i have a problem that lastest topics displayed on index with simply url /postxxx.html
I think it isn't friendly with search engines
Please help me to slove it. THANKS
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