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phpBB2 SEO Advanced mod Rewrite support forum.
This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB, injecting categories, forums and topic titles in their URLs.

Moving from phpBB2 to phpBB3

Hello! I was hoping I could get a little assistance with rewrite and redirecting my old links in google to the new ones. I was using advanced rewrite for my old forum and and advanced rewrite for my new one as well.

As far as what I can tell, the really thing I need assistance is redirecting the old links to the new ones. Since I have kept the format relatively the same, the only difference really between the new and the old links is the "v". I don't currently use the virtual folders.

For example, an old link would ...
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phpseo not working for me

firstly i am new user.
i have installed phpbb seo on my site. I dont know how to set it up.
my sections are not opening.
plz check it and tell me what should i do.
i have uploaded all modified files coz i cant edit it.
and now dont know how to make it working.
please send me all guidelines to make it fully working for me.
here is my url
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Fixed phpbbhacks recent posts on index for adv rewrite

I have patched the phpbbhacks "Recent posts on index" mod for phpbb2 to work with advanced rewrite.

- The phpbbhacks website calls this mod Recent posts on index revision 1.0.3, but the comments in the code itself call it "Integrated Toplist 1.0.3". It adds a section to the index page listing the five (by default) most recently-replied-to topics.

I couldn't find anything on here about how to patch this mod so I am posting my procedure for the general good :)

These instructions assume you have already applied the advanced rewrite mod ...
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redir old urls to new and stupid question..

Hi.. i have been installed advanced url rewrite seo mod and gym sitemap..

First question.. on the statics of googlesitemap shows 344 urls with 404 error, because in the past i dont use url rewrite and i had and old sitemap


now is

and i want old urls redir to new..

second question.. is stupid i thik i know the answer.. but..

sitemap only indexes forums with acces and visitors can see it, iam right?

because i have a porn section and visitors cant see it or acces and this section isnt show on sitemap.

sorry my ...
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Adv. rewrite with phpbbhacks "Recent Posts on Index&quo

I'm using this mod from phpbbhacks to display the 5 most recently replied-to topics on the index page:

The forum and topic URLs are not rewritten... but strangely, the author and most-recent-poster profile links are rewritten.

I have zero dupe installed so the non-rewritten URLs do get 301ed correctly, but I would still like to get the rewriting working. I've tried a search but nobody else on here seems to be using this mod and the code for the similar mods that people are using doesn't seem to be very similar.

I've never ...
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