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MKPortal Rewriting custom portal modules help!

Can i know how would you do to translate this url (a portal URL) to the SEO url ?


Its a php string as u can see, variables are
$pid (post id) taken before with a query on the database.

I cant really sort it out,looked a little bit on the code but the portal just gets data from the posts table so i dont know how to do the seo url there.

I will post example code from mkportal get_last_posts function.
Thanks in advance
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Rewriting sporadicly failed to remove SID from rewritten URL

I have my forums running on the newest phpbb3 SEO premod using advanced mode. I am running IIS and ISAPI_rewrite, i have modified the rewrite rules to work with it. The SEO mod has been working for the most part great, but there is one problem.

Every once and awhile when loading a page, all the URLS willb e rewritten but will have ?SID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX after the rewritten url.

Example: -
this link will be a 404 page

When it should be just -
this link works

It happens very sporadicly, my members are telling me it happens, and it happens ...
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Google search results

Hi all

I recently checked how well I scored in google and I got some strange results regarding the url's.

My SEO forum is configured so that I get the subject in the url, but google displays the urls like this: (the default phpbb way)

or like this

Does anyone has an idea on this? I realy would like them to be indexed with the subject name in the url.

Thank you in advance
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Migrating modded board to phpbb3

Hi there,

I'm currently running a phpbb2 forum and plan a migration to phpbb3 soon.

The test installation of phpbb3 on a non public server is already running nicely with your advanced-seo mod plus zero dupe mod. Have to say that you folks do a very nice job.

Now I need some advice concerning rewrite rules. Since the old board is very stripped down (no drop down boxes to sort anything) and already has an older seo-mod installed, it's only 4 rewrite rules, but I'm completely stuck because I know almost nothing about rewriting links.

So i need to ask ...
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301 redirect after conversion from another forum


I'm a new user! :D

I converted my old fireboard forum to phpbb3, but now I've a problem with url rewriting.
My old url were such this:

Now, with phpBB3 my new url are such this: -

I removed SID from my PCA, but in the URL remains -txx. Can I remove this?
If this isn't possible I'd like to redirect the old url to the newest.. How can I do it?
I can't do a manual 301 redirect for every url, they are too many.. ...
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