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phpBB3 SEO Simple mod Rewrite support forum. This mods performs URL rewriting for phpBB3 in a static way.

Everything is OK, but the links.


I have a Wordpress site with PHPBB Forum.


-My forum is located in:
-First, I got all the forum links 404 then with the advanced htaccess this problem was solved
-I have done everything right in the install file but I did not apply the "DIY instructions". Should I? (Edit: done 10 instructions, still no luck)
-I have installed phpBB_SEO_Ultimate_SEO_URL_v0.6.4 on an existing forum with 115 valuable, hand crafted topics :)

The problem is: My URLS did not get rewritten. Somewhere in this forum a guy told in an ...
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Page Not Found Problems

I'm using Simple SEO 0.4.8 - and without any the last week a lot of the pages show up "Page Cannot Be Found".

I can't replicate the issue although it has happened to me once. I'm getting a lot of members on the site with the same issue and I don't even know where to start on troubleshooting the issue.

Here is the thread on our site with this problem: ... 4&t=119800

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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.htaccess Trouble

Hi there,

Firstly pardon me for my total ignorance. As you will see I am a complete novice at this.

I am having trouble when I get to the .htaccess file part.

I have a site that is set up as such: "" (blog) and "" (forum)

I already have a .htaccess file which obviously was included with the blog software (Wordpress)

The .htaccess file reads:

Code: Select all
# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^players-profiles/([^/\.]+)/?$ /index.php?people_slug=$1&pagename=players-profiles [QSA,L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

I am assuming I just add the ...
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not working no matter what I try someone please help

So this is where I am at. I am running on localhost with a folder in the root directory called 'phpbb' where I am doing my install. I download the promodded phpbb from this site. copied the files from root/* to phpbb/*. I then access my forums by going to -http://localhost/phpbb. I then went into the admin and changed only the option to activate url rewriting and left the rest set to default. Then i went to the .htaccess page and selected the save option. I then copied that .htaccess file to the root directory -http://localhost not the -http://localhost/phpbb directory(even ...
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URL's in a recursive loop

I have been scratching my head for HOURS on this issue, any help would be deeply appreciated.

I have installed Simple SEO URL on the latest version of PHPBB. My URL's now pile up on top of each other, for instance, after logging in to the main section, and clicking the Administration section at the bottom, ......../adm/index.php?sid=ba4b160a0511a9d1c2c5a0aa5becfc64&redirect=.%2F..%2Fadm%2Findex.php%............. . This results in the URL looking like ....../adm/index.php/adm/index.php?sid=xxxxxxxx......... It is sort of a recursive loop, this results in the page completely missing its stylesheet and links to graphics.

Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.

A thank you in advance. ...
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