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Google Banned Checker

Google Banned Checker

Sometimes, a web site can be Banned (blacklisted) by Google. Usually, this happen when you implemented unhallowed Search Engines Optimization tricks such as Cloaking, content hiding, fancy re-directions, "shadow" domains etc ...
Google is quite precise about it : Search Engine Optimizers & Google.

This tool will tell you if you where unlucky enough to be blacklisted by Google.

If this is the case, it will probably take some time to get back to normal.

You should first make sure nothing unhallowed is being used any more on your site.
If you think you did not implemented ...
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Link Popularity Checker

Link Popularity Checker on Major Search Engines

This tool will determine how many back-Links are being taken into account in the Major Search Engines : Google, MSN Search, Yahoo, Altavista and Ask Jeeves.

It's handy and will provide links to the found results for every search engine.

Results may be a little different if you include the www prefix or not.

And, for some reason, the tool will output 0 back-links for some of the tested search engine, where in fact you have some.
Just click on the number of Back-links to find out the actual result given by the ...
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Calculate your future Google PageRank

Calculate your Future Google PageRank (PR) : Live PageRank

The Google Search Engine uses a Ranking system, named PageRank, for every URL listed in it's data centers.

This Rank is basically a rating given to every explored URL.

PageRank depends on many criteria and is supposed to reflect how important is your content in comparison with other possible search results on a specific search query.

Google PageRank (PR) is taking into account both external and internal linking.
The first kind is used to measure how "important" is your site, the second kind to find out which page are the ...
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Locking the www in urls

I thought it could be wise to start talking a bit about the www in URL.

The WWW :
    First, is an actual sub domain of, even if it is most of the time defined by default exactly as the main domain.

    The problem is, the domain will as well always work, so that one can always load and if nothing is done.

    Here come the Search Engine Optimisation matter, those two are duplicates, and worst, by default, every URL of a site ...
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