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phpBB Server and Cookie settings phpBB Server and Cookie settings


Since it's a very common source of issue, here are few things everyone (using phpBB3 with or without mods) should notice about phpBB Server and Cookie settings.

As you should know, you have a Server configuration category in the main phpBB ACP tab. The two menu we are talking about are Cookie settings and Server settings. In what follows, we will use the example domain, which you of course will have to replace with your actual domain. Same with the eventual sub directory phpBB/, remember it's just an example.

  • Let's start with Server settings :

    The part we'll ...
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Biggest sitemap challenge : Beat the Record! [ 35,001 urls ]


I have always wondered up to how much URL could GYM sitemaps & RSS go in a single sitemap.

I did some local testing with up to 2396 topic urls within a forum (gunzip off) :

Cache generation :
Code: Select all
<!-- URL list generated in  0.26343 s  - 13 sql - 2396 URLs listed -->
<!--  Output started from cache after 0.26768 s - 14 sql -->
<!--  Output from cache ended up after 0.48564 s - 14 sql -->

Output from cache :
<!-- URL list generated in 0.26343 s - 13 sql - 2396 URLs listed -->
<!-- ...
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The end of phpBB2 just announced when and how phpBB2 will stop being maintained and supported : ... 4&t=900655
NeoThermic wrote:Hello,

Today we are announcing our retirement plans for phpBB 2.0.x. This is advanced notification so that everyone can stay informed.

Commencing Wednesday 1st October 2008, phpBB 2.0.x download links will be removed from the download page at Anyone wishing to obtain phpBB 2.0.x can continue to obtain the 2.0.x package at

Commencing Thursday 1st January 2009, phpBB 2.0.x will be formally retired, and support will no longer be actively provided for 2.0.x. Converting from ...
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Prosilver / subsilver2 code changes

Support for custom style implementation in the phpBB SEO premod :

You will find the complete code changes for prosilver and subsilver2 in the contrib/prosilver _subsilver2_code_changes.txt file of the full SEO premod Package.
These may be useful in case you want to install a new style to your phpBB SEO premod installation.
Don't forget to clear phpBB's cache after you mod your templates.

#-----[ DIY INSTRUCTIONS ]--------------------------------------------------

Once you will have updated, you will have to refresh your theme's cache as well as phpBB's cache (ACP => STYLE, Themes => Refresh).

Code change for prosilver and subsilver ...
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phpBB SEO No Duplicate V 0.6.6

phpBB SEO No Duplicate
  • Title : phpBB SEO No Duplicate
  • Author : dcz /
  • Description : This mod will get rid of post URLs on phpBB3 Index, forums, and topics and use topic url instead, for the same purpose, but without duplicates.
    It will as well add a link to the last active topic in the forum index listing, above the regular last post one.
  • Version : 0.6.6
  • Installation Level : Easy.
  • Installation Time : 5 min.
  • phpBB3 : 3.0.9

Author's Notes :
This mod will get rid of post URLs on phpBB ...
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