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Postby binary_basketball » Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:06 am

I understand this isn't for official support but I cannot get any help over at community for this

Here is my original post over at there community. I really hope somebody can help me out with this. I don't want to have to lose 2 weeks of posts as a result of this error.

Your board's URL:
Version of phpBB3: 3.0.2 then 3.0.3
Was this a fresh install or a(n) update/upgrade/conversion (please be specific)? Error began aprox. 5 days after mod install, continued after update to 3.0.3
If update, what package(s) did you use? phpbb-seo pre-mod update from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3
Did you use an automated wizard provided by your host to install phpBB? no
MODs you have installed: phpBB Seo Url, Zero Duplicate, GYM Sitemaps, Advanced Points System
When the problem started: December 15th, aprox. 10 days after installing Advanced Points System,
Your level of expertise (be honest): moderate to advanced

Every time a reply to a thread is made, it takes much longer than expected and does not go to the page where the user is given the option to go back to the thread or go back to the forum most recently viewed. It takes them to a completely blank screen. When attempting to delete some of the double posts that have been made, the same thing happens. Users can PM each other freely and that doesn't seem to be affected.

In the announcements forum at the very bottom, there is a reply to the thread binary basketball dot com with this data for the last post.

31 Dec 1969 05:00 pm
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I commented out the points code in posting.php and purged the cache to check if that was the issue. Purging the cache in the ACP seems to have the same errors as replying to a post.

Earlier this morning I used the phpbb-seo pre-mod 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 update to see if any of the issues could be fixed but to no avail.

I'm hesitant to believe that the errors are the result of the Points system because of how long it took after the modifications for the error to happen. Short of blaming the points system, I have no idea where to look to fix the error. I spoke with my host last night to make sure it wasn't something on their end and they said the diagnostic tests they ran didn't show anything. He even ran them again to see if there was some intermittent issue.

My last resort is to delete everything and re-upload my backup data and database from before installing the Advanced Points System. Obviously I would rather not go that route because I would lose 2 weeks worth of posts.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated
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Postby SeO » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:08 am

mm, it in deed looks related to the simple point system. The delay could be due to some cache having taken time to be updated or something like that.

Do you have the blank screen every time you post or only some times ?

So first, try to activate debug in config.php and see if you get any error message, replace :
Code: Select all
// @define('DEBUG', true);
// @define('DEBUG_EXTRA', true);

with :
Code: Select all
@define('DEBUG', true);
@define('DEBUG_EXTRA', true);

If you do not see any error message, then double check your languages packs, it's a probable cause in such case.
If you see error messages, report about them here.

I encourage you to set up a local / test board to be able to perform some testing without jeopardizing your online board.
You could use mysqldumper if you db is a bit big, to use a copy of you db on your local board.

Have you tried to fully uninstall the simple point system ?
If not, could be wise to try to uninstall it on your local board.
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