Hiding Subject field in first post when editing.

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Hiding Subject field in first post when editing.

Postby ronthai » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:20 am


I know this will sound strange, but I need a way that the OP/POSTER can NOT change the subject of the first post of a topic.

Let me explain, I have setup the forum as an help forum, so ONLY the original OP/POSTER can post, edit, delete, etc. in a topic.
I as admin, first create the topic and then change the POSTER to the OP/USER whom will handle that topic, so I have set the subject.

I do NOT want the OP to be able to change the subject in the first post.
Any replies (new posts) he makes, he can change the Re: ... to anything he wants.

I though I was "clever" and used the <!-- IF S_URL --> and the <!-- IF not S_NEW_MESSAGE --> statements to hide the subject field from the OP in the first post edit page ONLY, and that works. Sort of.

The problem whoever is when doing that, phpBB gives an error when editing and then submitting the first post.
It believes the subject is NOT filled in, so does not allow the edit to be submitted.

Anybody have an idea on how to accomplish my strange request?
I have gone through the posting.php, but just by deleting some code from there, did not work. The subject then stayed blank, when I set it to not check for a subject.

Thanks, Ron

PS. Simple lock post and such is not an option, because with my setup, the OP can edit, delete, etc. any post in his/hers topic at any time, even if a reply has been made.
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