SEO MOD Noard INDEX Link problem

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SEO MOD Noard INDEX Link problem

Postby sensey1 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:44 am

Hello !

I have a site called

I installed SEO MOD from startrekguide.

My htacces is this :

<Files "config.php">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from All

<Files "common.php">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from All

RewriteEngine on

Rewriterule ^(.+)-f([0-9]*).html-(.+)$ ./viewforum.php?f=$2&$3
Rewriterule ^(.+)-(t|p)([0-9]*).html-(.+)$ ./viewtopic.php?$2=$3&$4
Rewriterule ^(.+)-f([0-9]*)s([0-9]*).html-(.+)$ ./viewforum.php?f=$2&start=$3&$4
Rewriterule ^(.+)-(t|p)([0-9]*)s([0-9]*).html-(.+)$ ./viewtopic.php?$2=$3&start=$4&$5
Rewriterule ^(.+)-f([0-9]*).html$ ./viewforum.php?f=$2&$3
Rewriterule ^(.+)-(t|p)([0-9]*).html$ ./viewtopic.php?$2=$3&$4
Rewriterule ^(.+)-f([0-9]*)s([0-9]*).html$ ./viewforum.php?f=$2&start=$3&$4
Rewriterule ^(.+)-(t|p)([0-9]*)s([0-9]*).html$ ./viewtopic.php?$2=$3&start=$4&$5

And the PROBLEM IS : IF YOU CLICK THE THIRD FORUM " Suplimente Nutritive" AND AFTER CLICK THE THIRD SUBFORUM "Suplimente Prolab" YOU CAN SEE THAT IN the top corner where is the board index * Board index ‹ Suplimente Nutritive ‹ Suplimente Prolab, if yougo with the mouse over the text, the link is not good, they are inversed. if you click on Suplimente Nutritive it goes to SUplimente PROLAB e viceversa.

i cannot indentifi the problem. I first supposed that is in overall_header.html in prosilver template but it is not there because i put an original file of the template and nothing happends.

In this moment i think that is a htaccess problem.

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Re: SEO MOD Noard INDEX Link problem

Postby dcz » Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:46 am

Looks like you have more issues than that :

Link to current forum in the breadcrumb is :
Then the link from the forum title :
Notice the ending "-" ?

So I guess that the mod is either broken or that you did not install it right. Unfortunately, we do not support this mod. Maybe this is a good occasion to switch to ours : phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL V 0.6.0

You would additionally be able to use the zéro dupe and run a duplicate free forum ;)

Switching from this mod won't be a problem, your urls will be properly redirected by the zero duplicate as long as you keep the default delimiters.

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