turkish characters and language file need

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turkish characters and language file need

Postby lavinya » Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:58 pm

Hello Dcz. Thanks for Premod.

I'm using turkish language..

displaying urls: ACP_CAT_PHPBB_SEO how to which add language file?

and forum category url display wrong: phpBB3/feridun-duza-ac-f2.html
correct: phpBB3/feridun-duzagac-f2.html

topic url display wrong: /phpBB3/ezginin-gunlu-u-t1114.html
correct: /phpBB3/ezginin-gunlugu-t1114.html

how can make ?
İ to >i
ı to >i
ğ to > g
Ğ to > g
ü to > u
Ü to > u
ş to > s
Ş to > s
ö to > o
Ö to > o

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Postby dcz » Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:28 am

I already started to work on this :

SeO wrote:So for Turkish open phpbb_seo_class.php and find :

Code: Select all
      $this->seo_path['phpbb_script'] =  $script_path;

After add :
Code: Select all
      // --> Custom str_Replace arrays, to handle special cases properly
      $this->seo_opt['url_find'] = array( utf8_chr(286),utf8_chr(287), // g
         utf8_chr(304),utf8_chr(305), // i
         utf8_chr(350),utf8_chr(351), // s
      $this->seo_opt['url_replace'] = array('g', 'g', 'i', 'i','s', 's');

Find :
Code: Select all
      $url = preg_replace('`\[.*\]`U','',$url);

After add :
Code: Select all
      $url = str_replace( $this->seo_opt['url_find'], $this->seo_opt['url_replace'], $url );

Should do it ;)

But hope_umut did only talk about these characters :
ğ must be g
ı must be i
ş must be s

Aren't ü and ö already well handled ?

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Postby lavinya » Sat Oct 13, 2007 9:16 am

thanks :)
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Re: turkish characters and language file need

Postby myoztel » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:35 pm

Congratulations and Thanks for Seo MOD and other your's works..
Have a nice day,
There are two problems, one is not so important. But I guess the same reason.

after post ö ü problem...

Part of the code the problem occurred 'SEARCH_WORDS' => $search->search_query,,
I am change it, not problem 'SEARCH_WORDS' => $search->search_query = $kewwords,
Do you have a more functional solution ?

2.phpbb_seo_meta.php 'topic_sql' => true
topic öüşi
content öüşia
(only the selected content words)
<meta content="oeueşia,öüşi " name="keywords"> (oeueşia message content)
'topic_sql' => true Set false no problem

Do you have any idea for a solution when is set 'topic_sql' => true ?
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