PHPbb3 Vanilla convert to SEO pre-mod trouble

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PHPbb3 Vanilla convert to SEO pre-mod trouble

Postby nielsfogt » Thu Oct 09, 2008 7:42 pm

Hello...I am attempting to take a an existing vanilla phpbb 3.0.2 forum with a small number of posts (approx 50) and convert it to the SEO premod. I will also be switching the domain name over for SEO purposes. I created a new directory in the same root as the old forum and pointed the new subdomain to it.

Old Domain: => www/forum
New Domain: => www/newforum

I copied the existing datbase and uploaded the premod to the "newforum" directory. However I could not use the copied database during the install b/c it tells something to the effect of "the database tables already have existing prefix".

So I then installed with a blank database and could see the "SEO mod" tab fine in the ACP. When I changed my config.php file to point to my old database and logged in to the ACP, it was no longer there. Also, some of my posts now point back to the old URL ( What i am trying to accomplish is install the complete premod and not loose my posts or have to manually re-enter them. I know just enough to cause problems and am at problem solving limit. Anyone help?
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Postby dcz » Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:52 am

You'll find all the required steps to follow here : ... t1962.html

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SEO Forum || SEO Directory || SEO phpBB || Search

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