Question: mixed mod rewrite vs. advanced mod rewrite

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Question: mixed mod rewrite vs. advanced mod rewrite

Postby winampman » Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:47 pm

I am trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages between mixed and advanced...

## WARNING : Topic title injection in URL can be hard to deal with depending on the type of subjects your
## forum is about. In almost all cases phpBB SEO recommend the use of the phpBB SEO mixed mod Rewrite instead.

Using advanced: Because you don't want to end up with 80% of your topic URLs being like "oh-this-is-so-cool-i-can-t-believe-it-vtXX.html", this would end up not optimizing anything anymore.

Can you explain more? :? I am having a hard time deciding on whether to use mixed or advanced...

If I use advanced, I can have a lot of specific topic pages, with many keywords in each topic title...

If I use mixed, then each topic will have the same string in the URL... isn't that worse? :?

If I use mixed, does that mean the string will give my site higher pagerank? But what if a forum has many topics.. like football, you want to have many different players names in the topic URL, so that when people search for a player's name your site would be in the results... not just when they search "football".

Thank you for clarifying :)
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Re: Question: mixed mod rewrite vs. advanced mod rewrite

Postby gowap » Sat Nov 11, 2006 8:39 pm

well it seems the word "keyword" misleaded you because none of the phpbb-seo mods here could inject keywords in the url. You can only inject forum and topic titles. Not titles + keywords

Refer to ... 6.html#417 and better try the demo which let you change parameters (bottom of the page) and experiment :

winampman wrote:I am trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages between mixed and advanced...

mixed :
the 'topic' is a fixed string followed by the numer of the topic (here 1)

advanced :
here instead of 'topic' tou have the real title of the topic, followed by '-vt' and the topic number
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Postby winampman » Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:09 pm

Yes, I understand that :) I guess I used the wrong words... I'll fix the post.

My question is asking about the advantages and disadvantages of the two mod rewrites, with regards to Page-rank... which one would help my page rank better? The install txt file says that phpbb-seo recommends mixed mod rewrite, but how exactly is mixed mod-rewrite better than advanced??

Thanks :)
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Postby dcz » Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:56 am

And Welcome :D

Well, the "almost all cases" stands for phpBB being almost all the time used as a general chat forum and ran by people who want simplicity.
The question makes sens because phpBB is a forum and not a CMS where only structured articles can be posted.

The phpBB SEO mixed mod rewrite is easier to deal with because of topic titles, you don't take the risk to end up with a majority of URLs like this : ... -vtxx.html that could end up not helping out this much any more in comparison with static URLs for topics.

It's not like going to jeopardize your SEO results if you go for advanced with a low average topic title quality, but it will just be a little bit more complicated to handle it code wise for not this much more results in Search Engines Results.

Keyword injection is for sure the most efficient SEO wise, but this is useful if it makes sens.
In the example we cannot really talk about interesting "keywords".
So because keywords in URLs are making a substantial difference, you may want to let bot choose keyword to match a search query in the content rather than in an URL not containing any of your targeted keywords or not being related at all with the actual topic content.

It's all a matter of how do you think your topic titles are good and related to content and how much effort you'll be ready to put in maintaining it.

As you can see, on this board, even though using an experimental URL rewriting, does not inject topic titles in URLs most of the time, so it's not something I tell for other to do ;)

Post a link to your forum if you want further advises while selecting mod rewrite.

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