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Postby sceltic » Thu May 04, 2006 5:01 pm

Congratulations on the idea of a A Specialised PHPBB Search Engine Optimization forum.

Phpbb is a great product but the weakness imo is in the very size and the phpbb main site trying to cover all for all.

Search Engine Optimization is a specialised area and should be dedicated. I have seen one try to do something similar but then digress into too many areas of mod rewrite, I hope yours is a dedicated success. Just a quick glance tells me here will be soon be the place to come for phpbb SEO.

I have a fair experience of phpbb and I know that what you have written here and elsewhere adds up to good and sensible SEO practise.
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Postby dcz » Thu May 04, 2006 5:22 pm

Thanks ;)

What I find interesting about SEO is that it's about a lot of things in the end : content, linking (outsite, insite) and coding.

So here we'll end up talking about code for sure, but in the end it won't be the most part, cause running a good code is only first step here.

Many other things have to be done to be very well ranked and indexed, and we all know, content is what comes first (in the end ;) ).

Talking about SEO is thus leading to tactical and strategical analysis, involving cultural knowledge, marketing, information theory and such, the never ending debate ;)

And what decided us to start such a site is we think it's no more possible to lunch site without thinking about this type of matters, cause SEO has already gone too far in a way.

And many SEO services are totally unprofessional and expensive. And the worst comes when all their knowledge rely on their community (forum) and they still ask people to pay for it.

And I do believe a lot of them are just making a bit to much of marketing when they should find really working solutions.

In the end I believe a strong and open SEO community will always be more efficient in finding working solutions for all.

I already know enough to sell advices, but I really prefer to share them, to teach and learn for the benefit of our projects, which in the end is the most exiting ;)

Here soon, everybody should be able to find working solution to get better indexed right here and right know, it's not really service, it's self service ;)

And to conclude, you can already see how the content will be organised, code, but far from only code, and we did not start to post articles ;)
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