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Google PageRank Checker

Postby SeO » Wed May 24, 2006 5:42 pm

Google PageRank Checker - Multi-Rank Checker -->
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The Google Search Engine uses a Ranking system, named Page Rank, for every page of his listing.

This Rank is basically a rating given to every one of your site's page.

PageRank depends on many criteria and is supposed to reflect how important is your content in comparison with other possible search results on a specific search query and what is the probability to be visiting a given page at a given time.

The more links to a page, the more probability to be visiting it.

PageRank is updated upon every Google Dance, when the Google Bot suddenly Crawl all of you pages the same few days and data centers get synchronized. This is happening every two month or so.

What the following tool will tell you, is the actual PageRank of given domains, the one Google is currently taking into account.

An handy way to calculate up to ten domain's Google Page Ranks at a time.

Don't forget, this will only work with the www in domain URL.
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