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phpBB SEO Zero Duplicate V 0.6.8

Postby SeO » Sat Jun 02, 2007 5:21 pm

phpBB SEO Zero Duplicate
  • Title : phpBB SEO Zero Duplicate
  • Author : dcz /
  • Description : This mod Will HTTP 301 redirect almost (100% in strict mode) all possible dupes in phpBB forums.
  • Version : 0.6.8
  • Installation Level : Advanced.
  • Installation Time : 5 min.
  • AutoMod: n/a.
  • phpBB :3.0.9

Author's Notes :
  • Will HTTP 301 redirect almost (100% in strict mode) all possible dupes in phpBB3 forums.
  • You must run the phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL mod before you can use and install this mod.
    It is compatible with all 0.6.6 and above versions.

  • Performed redirections :

    viewforum.php?f=xx => url rewritten forum url

    viewforum.php?f=xx&start=yy => url rewritten paginated forum url

    viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy => url rewritten paginated topic url

    viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy&view=prev/next => url rewritten topic url

    viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy&start=zz => url rewritten paginated topic url

    viewtopic.php?t=yy => url rewritten topic url

    viewtopic.php?t=yy&view=prev/next => url rewritten topic url

    viewtopic.php?t=yy&start=zz => url rewritten paginated topic url

    viewtopic.php?p=xx => postxx.html or url rewritten topic url with 'post_redir' => 'guest' or 'post_redir' => 'all'

    download/file.php?id=xx(&t=1) => rewritten attached url

    memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=xx => url rewritten profile url
    memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&un=nickname (when applicable)

    search.php?author_id=xx&sr=post|topics => url rewritten user message url
    search.php?author=nickname&sr=post|topics (when applicable)

    search.php?author_id=xx&sr=post&start=yy=> url rewritten paginated user message url
    search.php?author=nickname&sr=post|topics&start=yy (when applicable)

    search_id=active_topics => url rewritten active topics url

    search_id=active_topics&start=xx=> url rewritten paginated active topics url

    search_id=unanswered&sr=topics => url rewritten unanswered url

    search_id=unanswered&start=xx&sr=topics => url rewritten paginated unanswered url

    search_id=newposts&sr=topics => url rewritten newposts url

    search_id=newposts&start=xx&sr=topics => url rewritten paginated newposts url

    search_id=unreadposts => url rewritten unreadposts url

    search_id=unreadposts&start=xx => url rewritten paginated unreadposts url

    As well, when title injecting, any spelling in injected titles will be HTTP 301 redirected (all cases) :
    • miss-spelled-title => correct-title

  • Will get rid of SIDs and highlight as set in the mod rewrite and mark, watch, explain and bookmark Vars in URLs for guests :
    • topic-title-txx.html?sid=SID => topic-title-txx.html
    • forum-title-fxx.html?mark=fids => forum-title-fxx.html
  • Will check $start consistency :
    • Example with 25 topics per pages :
      forum-title-fxx-32.html => forum-title-fxx-25.html
  • Will by default HTTP 301 redirect index.php :
    • index.php => forum.html
    • Will automatically follow the eventual settings in the phpBB SEO mod rewrite like : =>
  • Canonical element :
  • Usage

    • MODS :
      This mod is as powerful as important to use properly.
      It's easy to install, but local testing is advised.
      As it is possible that some mods won't work properly at first, after install.
      If a mod added a GET or POST var on index.php, viewforum.php, viewtopic.php or a member's profile, it's URLs will most likely (for sure when running in strict mode) be redirected at first.

      Example :
      • viewtopic.php?report=true&p=xx |would be first redirected to| topic-title-tyy-zz.html.

      It's simple to fix, we just need to allow this additional var in our dupe filters.
      Please ask for support on such experiences.

    • Settings :

      This mod is fully configurable using the phpBB SEO setting page.
      The setting pages will allow you to Set up the various zero duplicate features such as:
      • Activate the Zero duplictate (optional):
        Allow to activate and desactivate the Zero duplicate redirections.
        Off is default, so you need to update at least this option to start seeing some redirections.
      • Strict Mode (optional):
        When activated, the zero dupe will check if the requested URL exactly matches the one attended.
        When set to no, the zero dupe will make sure the attended url is the fist part of the one requested.
        The interest is to make it easier to deal with mods that could interfere with the zero dupe by adding GET vars.
      • Posts Redirections (optional):
        This option will determine how to handle post urls; it can take four values :
        • 'off' : do not redirect post url, whatever the case,
        • 'post' : only make sure postxx.html is used for a post url,
        • 'guest' : redirect guests if required to the corresponding topic url rather than to the postxx.html, and only make sure postxx.html is used for logged users,
        • 'all' : redirect if required to the corresponding topic url.
      If you redirect postxx.html to the corresponding topic URL in all cases, this as well mean that a message that would be posted in a thread and then moved in another one will see it's url changing, which thanks to the zero duplicate mod is of no harm SEO wise, but the previous link to the post won't link to it anymore in such case.

      Then of course, better can be better.
    • Migrating :
      If your forum was previously indexed using a different URL standad than the one you now plan to use, please read carefully the third part ( "3) Migrating :" ) of the first :
      Code: Select all
      #-----[ DIY INSTRUCTIONS ]--------------------------------------------------

      of the mod install file.

    • Redirection Check :
      It is very important to make sure the correct headers are sent!!

      Once installed this mod, you should check, using for example , if the returned headers are correct.
      The mod should work nicely with apache and IIS server (running isapi_rewrite), but could under some circumstances output a
      302 header instead, which is really not a good idea.
      So you should check if HTTP 301 header is returned with both options for gun-zip support.
      To do this, just paste a forum url with a miss-spelled title in URL in
      And test BOTH OPTIONS for "Accept-Encoding: gzip"

      If both cases returns HTTP 301, you're done with installing this mod.

      Example on this site :
    Note :
    • As HTTP 301 are to be used with caution, the downloads are only available for registered users.
    • This mods makes HTTP redirecting very easy and you should not change all your URLs every other day.
    • Do not hesitate to ask for support when first installing.

mod Rewrites supported :

Languages :

Demo :

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Re: phpBB SEO Zero Duplicate V 0.6.8

Postby dcz » Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:17 pm

To obtain support for this mod, please use the phpBB Zero duplicate forum.

You can post new threads and reply to existing ones.

Click on the Watch this thread link to be notified of updates for this mod.

Please note that all type of upgrade from phpBB2 to phpBB3 will change all your topic url, no matter if you use or not mod rewrite, so upgrading is in all case something to prepare well.

Updating :
  • Updating from 0.6.6 to 0.6.8 is very easy
Useful links :
SEO Forum || SEO Directory || SEO phpBB || Search

Liens Utiles :
Forum référencement || Annuaire référencement || Référencement phpBB || Recherche
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